A few weeks before I left the beloved country of Indonesia, I asked a friend of mine to make me an artwork to decorate my new place here in Seattle. The only request I gave her was that it needs to be a series of six A4-sized pieces, the rest were absolutely up to her to decide. Then Nadhira Riezkya (or Dea), being the creative awesome soul that she is, conjured up the artwork featured on the photos above. It is basically a large print cut up into six pieces. Every component of the print represents something that is connected to me, be it my interest in dancing, my beloved green boots, even my cats. Needless to say, I am ecstatic with the result and can’t wait to have it hung up on my wall (I shall post photos when I have done so!).

A few words from the artist:

it’s a final look of a commission work for a friend, it took me 3 weeks in the making. Drawn all the details on Adobe Ideas and edited in corelDraw x4. I enjoyed the process so much since she was a very dear friend to me. every details relate to her including her 5 cats and her family in the polaroid frame. can you spot Mira, Kerry, Rusty, Coco and Milo?

I am really so impressed by her talent and proud to have her as a friend. Most of all, I’m glad to have someone to count on whenever I need a dose of art in my life! Look out guys, I’ll probably feature her again sometime soon.

To check out more of her works, check out her blog! Click below:

Nadhira Riezkya

all images are courtesy of Nadhira Riezkya.