If I see you you would render me helpless

and breathless

and staggeringly nervous

for you are so unapologetically you.

I would write you in cursive letters

flowery images

A depiction of a beautiful soul.

I would scratch your name in ink

and found myself on a trail

that leads to somewhere

or nowhere

or you.

I would paint a picture of you

in my memory

and found myself journeying along a coast

And I would look beyond that coast

to see a fiery sky adorned with

clouds. and birds. and rays from a setting sun. and ineffably,


I would carve you in my letters

to you

depict you

illustrate you

be you

or attempt to.

If I see your blotted letter

or your blurred photographs

or your unwashed sneaker

or your bruised ankle,

I would portray you even

if you got sadder, then I will be sadder. and that’s okay.

If I see a cigarette between your fingers and coffee as black as night

within your grasp,

I would be the caffeine

I would be honored,

cause I would keep you up during lonely nights. while you tug your hair in frustration

or rub your eyes

or bathe in insomnia.

If I see you crying

or laughing

or screaming

or writing and trying and dancing and failing

I would write about you

and nothing else could be more wonderful.

Copyright © Imana Gunawan