Hello earthlings, I hope you are doing well.

I have decided to write a blog post about being classy! (cue cheering, applause, and streamers). Now I recently re-read Derek Blasberg’s book ‘Classy’ and it has definitely entertain and educate me on how to be a respectable but still awesome young lady. I will pass on the knowledge here and add some of my tips as well. God knows a lot of girls need this.

So here it is, lesson number 1. I call it, The Talk.

Now, I’m not talking about the actual talk, the one where your parents tell you about stuff. No, ew. I’m talking about the way young ladies use their power of speech.

Nowadays so many girls pride on being mouthy. Or, “a bitch” as they like to think of themselves. They pride themselves on being able to stand up for themselves, or voice their opinions, or be confident in themselves and not give a damn about what anyone thinks of them. This is healthy, and necessary too. But careful, there is a very thin line between being a “bad-ass bitch” (a criteria I just described) and being an a “bitchy-bitch”, which is just a mouthy, loud, and rude person.

Now it is somewhat hard for some people to differ between the two. But let me just clear it up for you right here, right now. It is never okay to be a fake person, I repeat, never. But some, maybe most people, think that the opposite of being fake is being rude. Being real with someone should never be confused with being rude. We can’t just spit out every single opinion we have of something/someone just because we’re trying to be real with them. Just because it’s not okay to be disingenuous, doesn’t mean it’s okay for us to spit out every single thing that came to our head just because it’s true (or we think it’s true).

Sure, when someone is trying to demean us, we rise and take that bitch down. But we don’t just simply say a string of words like slut, whore, fuck, etc. etc. Speak smart. You’ll look smarter and get way more satisfaction out of it. Remember, the still water can defeat the roaring fire.

One last thing: if you have an opinion/critique that won’t be beneficial when voiced, then zip your hole and keep it to yourself.

Being a bitch is overrated. Instead, be the 'nice girl who can kick some ass’, people will appreciate you more if you’re nice and have ass-kicking abilities.

That’s all for lesson number one, hope it’s useful m'dears. Toodle-oo for now!