I was driving through the streets

in my SUV, engulfed in chipped red paint

It was 2 in the morning, dark-

ness was still falling over this city

They say she never sleeps. I guess so.

I sped up my car, thirty, forty, fifty miles per hour,

but not knowing where to go

I drive and drive, passing

streetlights, awnings, and traffic signs

People. Some here, some there

working men are sleeping, drunken men drinking

sometimes they overlap, poor things

I drive and drive again.

The clock ticks; 5.30 in the morning.

Rise and shine sleepy heads!

I looked for a public can, washed my face

and went to work.

I went to the gas station, filled my red baby, and drove

some more.

There goes some money for gas,

money that could be used

to save up to buy a house.

It’s funny how money comes and goes

but all I do is drive and drive some more.

But where to?

Copyright © Imana Gunawan

The above poem is a modified version of a piece I wrote during my Creative Writing class in VHS, 2010.