Hello, hello! I have decided to make a personal blog bcs I am terribly bored (this is usually what motivates me to do….well just about anything ha).

I don’t know why anyone would be interested in reading this, but Imma keep on writing anyway. Good practice for writing too, jsyk.

Any essential information you need to know about me is on the description. If you want to know me more, drop me an email, ask a question or click one of the links on the description, it’ll take you where you need to go straightaway.

Usually in the first post, people with blogs tell what they’re blog is gonna be about sooo….this blog is just a place where I write my train of thought and you read it. Maybe I’ll even post pics, or post some stuff related to my interests, just like a train of thought.

Enjoy, mes cheres! Let’s hope you can stick around long enough, eh?


ps: check out my 2nd Ave & Seneca St. blog (link on the description), it’s pretty much like an inspiration board in the form of a tumblog; aaaand check out my photoblog Shoebox of Photograph (link also on the description), haven’t posted anything in quite sometime, but who knows, maybe you’ll like what ya see.