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“This is white America. Any other nationality that is not of the white set knows this and accepts this till the day they die. That is everybody’s dream and ambition as a minority to live and look as well as a white person is pictured as being in America.

Every media you have - from TV to magazines, to movies, to films…everybody’s in their own home. The little kids for Fisher-Price toys, they’re not in no concrete playground, they’re riding around a lawn. The pool is in the back. This is white America, and when it comes to the minorities, especially black, we as a people, for the past 400 years is the greatest example of behavior modification in the history of civilization. We have had everything taken from us and yet we have all learned how to survive. That’s why…it is obvious that if you have captured the great white way of living or looking or dressing or speaking - you is a marvel.”

- Dorian Corey, Paris Is Burning

When I hear this quote during the documentary, I cannot help but agree even though I am not of the African-American race. Being a minority in America, you can’t help but want to emulate the great white way of living that is depicted in almost every media present.

ps: watch Paris Is Burning if you’re fabulous enough and can handle even more fabulous people. I dare you.