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You know what would make a really great present? A wooden shelf, possibly mahogany, filled with Vonnegut. Literally everything Vonnegut: books, speech transcripts, articles, quotes, pictures, short stories, what have you. I would want that shelf in my house, then decorate it with fake yellow leaves and white lights.

I actually would rather have multiple mahogany shelves filled with all my favorite writers but when it comes down to it, Vonnegut is definitely my top choice.

You know what would make a really great date? Reading books. Literally just taking turns reading out loud a snippet of a novel or a chapter or possibly a short story. Preferably by Vonnegut, although reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Bukowski/Neruda’s poems will do as well. But reading books. Reading books together. That would be a real nice date. Not a first date, or even a third; fifth is more like it though for me.

I think every blog should definitely have at least one completely random post. This is mine, by the way. Just had to put my thoughts out there, I guess. Toodle-oo