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Checking in!


So I haven’t been very active with my writing lately, with school and projects and work, I haven’t had much time to do some leisure writing. However, I have been writing a few poems though, just because.

On another note, I just wanted to share what happened in the past few weeks. Let’s review the list:

1. I performed for the Lunar New Year Festival, along with my friends Laura and Sean, with a choreography by Kanya and Ms Gigi.

2. I discovered a new publication called Hoarse. It’s a Seattle-based quarterly publication  that features literature: poetry, short stories, essay, non-fiction, and all kinds of writing. Each issue has a specific theme. I’ve been reading it cover to cover ever since I bought it, lovely source of inspiration! If you’re interested, check out their Tumblr or Facebook.

3. I got an idea for a dance project that’s based on a poetry I made, let’s just hope I stick with it until it’s finished.

4. Homework. Homework. Schoolwork. Homework. Assignments. Whatever you want to call it.

5. I sold my DSLR camera to buy a new one, so lately I’ve been using disposable cameras. They’re pretty handy and produce nice results so no complaints there. All I’m looking for now is a scanner to scan the developed results.

6. I bought TONS of awesome stuff! Sources range from retail stores to thrift stores and back. Gonna post it as soon as I got an actual camera.

7. Went to Capitol Hill almost every weekend for dance classes, hanging out, shopping, and people watching! I wish I could live there!

8. Dyed my hair an ombre color (I did a post and a tutorial, see posts below) and loving it so much! Thinking of keeping it this way for now, it’s a nice break from solid black hair (my natural hair is actually deep dark brown, but it looks black except when there’s lighting).

9. Been enjoying the sunny weather very, very much. The weather report says the weather is gonna get pretty depressing later in the week, so I’m trying to not get attached to the pleasant weather (it is Washington, after all…..).

10. I did an interview with a Columbia University alumni! When they emailed me the first time, I was beyond excited. To talk with someone who graduated from your dream school? Score! We did the interview at this cozy little cafe that’s located in the back of a bookstore. The lady who interviewed me was super nice and such a lovely person. It was more of a sharing session rather than an interview, if I may say so. She asked me about my experiences in the past year (which haven’t been easy, I’ll give you that), and I asked her lots of things about Columbia’s professors, community, even hangout places! Cause let’s face it, while education is important, socializing is just as important. All in all, I think the interview went really well (my idea of a good interview: no awkward silence and lots of smiles) and I think she was kind of impressed with my experiences (I know this sounds cocky, but let’s be honest, sometimes you can just tell when a person is impressed, right?) Fingers crossed, guys! Pray for me!

So that’s the past, now to get on with the future, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

1. COLDPLAY (APRIL 25TH) AND RADIOHEAD (APRIL 9TH) CONCERT!!!! I’m also thinking of going to Gotye’s concert because he. is. bomb. If you haven’t heard of him, go to youtube and listen to his songs, if you like it, download the whole discography. Simple as that, dearies.

2. Working on my final project for dance class! I haven’t worked on the details yet, but I feel like doing a contemporary piece to ‘Summit’ by Skrillex and Ellie Goulding. Send me your thoughts, guys.

3. Spring quarter and spring weather. I’ve worked on my schedule with my advisor and it looks like I’m going to be even busier next quarter. Even so, it’s all for the best, right?

4. Not looking forward to missing Java Jazz Festival 2012 at all, seriously. This year’s lineup is downright sick. With Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, Manhattan Transfers, The Swing Out Sisters (I watched them a couple of years ago though, they are awe. some.), et al, it is pretty certain that I will be super bummed when seeing tweets about Java Jazz Festival.

5. My family visiting in early March! I cannot wait to see them, give them a big hug, and show them the great places in Washington!!! I wish my cats could come with though, I miss them terribly.

6. Writing. Book reviews, poetry, opinion pieces, and working on a fiction novel (I have been working on one since last year, but the book got lost so I couldn’t continue, thankfully my mom found it). Also, I am looking forward to writing a post dedicated to Irina Lazareanu: my fashion inspiration, favorite model, and all-time girl crush. Wait for it, people!

7. Studying. This may be hard to believe, but believe it because it’s true.

So that’s all I can think of for now, and I have to stop my leisure writing cause it’s time for me to do some academic writing (cue long, deep sigh). I will be sure to post updates again soon. Have an awesome day/week/month mes cheres!