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Some photos from the shoot I did with Ganes last year. I forgot what month it was, but I think it was sometime before he cut his hair short.

Now I’m not saying this because he’s my boyfriend, but I really enjoyed shooting him. Maybe it’s because him not really doing anything and blindly looking away from the camera was exactly the image I was looking for.

This shoot was more about me experimenting with photo editing. Some may think that I overdid the editing in some pictures, but all I’m gonna say is that it’s all part of the fun of experimenting :)

Check out the rest of the pictures I took of him on my photoblog or my Flickr, and drop me some comments!

Photographer: Imana Gunawan

Model: Ganes Ksatria

Artistic Director: Imana Gunawan

Edited by: Imana Gunawan

Location: My house, South Jakarta