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strange strangers - I

Greetings, barely-readers. I have decided to create another series of writing in addition to my rants and poems, “strange strangers!” This series is basically word pictures of strangers that I have crossed paths with. Why, you ask? Because everyday we cross paths with a number of human beings, it only makes sense to document at least those who’ve touched upon our lives in some way. And with that note, I give you the first strange strangers, enjoy.


A scar on her upper lip, etched, stretched diagonally to her right cheek. When you see it, you can’t help but gaze. What? Why? A car accident, perhaps? Perhaps she was attacked by something, or even somebody. One would be devastated to have a scar that prominent on one’s visage, but for her, it’s character. She doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. And you shouldn’t, stranger, you look beautiful. X