HEY GUYS! so here’s the deal: I got accepted to the Art Institute of Seattle!!!!! I am somewhat relieved that I got into at least one of the universities I applied to. Now the Art Institute of Seattle is kind of my last resort, but it’s definitely good to know that I have a backup school if (and God forbid) I didn’t get into any of the other schools I applied to. So if I were to go to AiS, I’ll be majoring in Fashion Marketing!! It’s not journalism, but at least I get to study so much about the industry I hope to work in someday!

It’s actually a really weird story. The financial aid office contacted me, and my parents and I went to the school to discuss my fin-aid plan. When we got there, the fin-aid representative gave me my student ID, etc, etc. After we had discussed my plan, my parents and I were wondering whether I had actually been accepted, seeing I already had my student ID and whatnot. So long story short, my mom talked to an admissions representative, and they checked the status of my admissions process. Then they said it, “well she just got accepted yesterday!” (CUE SIGH OF RELIEF). I was very very pleasantly surprised and grateful!

Even with all the good news, I’m still hoping for more acceptance letters coming my way sometime in the next few weeks. Send me your prayers, people!