Hello Earthlings, I have decided to put my two cents on life into writing. What does that mean, you ask? It basically means I’m gonna rant, and any post entitled “The Tirades of a Young Adult” is just me ranting and expressing my unstable adolescent feelings through written words. In addition to the writing, I might even add a picture or two. Feel free to scroll over absently, read earnestly, judge bitterly, or run away madly as you please. This is my first post, have a nice day.


I have come to the realization that I am a hippie. Not in ways that some people might assume, though. When the word ‘hippie’ is said, an image comes to mind: 60s and early 70s, the “flower child,” bohemians, stoned white guys with beards and bandanas holding hands with chicks in long skirts covering unshaved body parts – not me. I don’t mean hippie as in literally (although I do love the bohemian style of the 60s and early 70s), but I mean as in the values that hippies espouse. Hippies are known for their anti-conformist movements which promote peace, love, individuality, and all things I find beautiful. Although the changes those movements brought weren’t always for the better, I still think Hippies’ values are valid, if not encouraged. Their values shed judgment away from the mind, thus leading the mind to think as it chooses, uncaring what other minds think or choose. Lately I seem to adopt this idea of “I do my business and you do yours,” which is a good thing I guess, it keeps me out of trouble. I think because I think like that, it surfaced as a behavior; in other words, I mind my own problems and try my best to not judge. Based on my observation, people then start to make assumptions: they think I’m naive or scared or “just following the current” or whatnot, but I simply just don’t care, you know? I do what I want to do, and so far, it has made me really happy as a person, as a human being. It has made my family happy that I’m happy. It has made life worth living. I am very grateful.

For the past two years, most of the problems I have had to deal with simply involve myself, meaning it’s not some fight between me and a friend, or fighting parents, or a school suspension. For the past two years, all the problems I have had to deal with were just the Lord putting hurdles in front of me to see whether or not I can jump over it with grace and fluidity. Well, dear Lord, I may not be the most fluid person out there when it comes to jumping hurdles, but I like to think that I jumped through those hurdles with grace. I might sound a bit cocky here, judge as you please, but yeah. Even at times when I’m really depressed and drowned in disgusting self-pity, I think I’ve managed to maintain a level head; you don’t see pictures of me drinking my sorrows away or scars from cutting my wrists or Facebook/Twitter posts telling the world wide web how “I hate my life” or “I’m the saddest person on Earth” because there are no such posts, pictures or scars. In the end, by maintaining a level head, I think I managed to learn a thing or two, which helped me mature as a person. In addition, I think the ups and downs throughout the years was what made me adopt this hippie, minding-my-own-business positive attitude. I’m a lucky girl, and I am very grateful.

In the end, I managed to get out of the hurdle-filled racetrack unscratched, unharmed, and with a new perspective on life. “You have your way, I have mine”

Bring it on, life.