There we were, two yellow leaves falling through a rainforest

blown away, moving in abstract directions

one falls, one soars. Then both soar.

The wind goes north, northwest, southeast

uncertain, but constant.

The two leaves flew in separate paths

only for each to land on separate riverbeds

moving with the current, drifting farther apart.

This is how it feels.

The leaf, with a constant longing filling its gut

knowing what must be and musn’t

living upon an empty bed worn in with silhouettes

while Father Time slowly lends a helping hand.

Not fast enough, Father.

The gut grows heavy at times, but covered by a thick skin

the waterfall tries to stone itself, but not drain

and thoughts, images, a filmstrip through the mind

they don’t help

Absence is difficult to forget

I’ll try.

Copyright © Imana Gunawan