Whenever I feel blue,

I like to drink coffee with extra

cinnamon powder

walk around barefoot on creaky wooden floors and

put on red Converses worn in with memories.

I’d walk around with earphones

on and pretend my life is a movie with a jazzy art deco

tune for the soundtrack.

Every so

often I’d glance at my reflection on windows

and realize that my sunglasses really suit my face

I would find a bench to sit on and see lives passing by while I imagine

intricate backstories for intriguing persons

then I’d think

back to my woes and oh noes and golly gee


and board on a train of thought destined to jump off a cliff to a monstrous river

raucous with crashing waves

Then I’d remember.

I’d remember that I am made of stardust

that the atoms on the tips of my eyelashes start to exist while a star ceased to

that my cracked knuckles are made of billion year old carbon

that my broken toenail used to be part of a constellation

that paint the night sky.

I’d drown myself in that rosy thought

and feel okay.

I’d feel okay.

It’s so easy to be happy, it’s almost disgraceful to be sad.

Copyright © Imana Gunawan