I wish you good fortune, health, intelligence, maturity, and good looks too! Please jangan tambah tinggi tapi, tungguin gue aja ya :p semoga tambah jago debatnya (you’d make a kick-ass lawyer)

I also wish you a good future, filled with the things you love and the people you care about. Semoga bisa perform di JavaJazz ato Java Rockingland or any other music festival (gue nonton loh). Semoga bisa buka restoran salmon, semoga bisa dapet eagle yang banyak, semoga kalo ada lomba di Prasmul kamu menang terus, dan semoga bisa selalu bikin Om Tato dan Tante Nila bangga, amin!

Keep being a great son and brother, a loyal friend, and a kick-ass boyfriend.

I’m sorry I can’t be there on your birthday, but I hope you get to enjoy your special day nes, and I hope you like the presents and the video montage too! It’s not much, tadinya aku mau bikin stop motion lagi, udah dapet konsepnya gitu tapi gak sempet hehe so maybe some other time.

I really, really, really miss you nes, it’s weird not having you around. I hope to see you reaaaaalll soon, kay? In the meantime ayo kita skype sering-sering.

Take care nesi, don’t forget to remember me :)

Lots of Love,


Music: Daydreamer by Adele (I know you’re bored as hell with this song, but for what it’s worth, it always made me think of you).

Footage courtesy of Nandana Dharmmesta and Imana Gunawan