Hey guys! Soooo I am finally in Seattle!

For those who hasn’t know the story yet, basically I went here last year to go to high school in Vashon Island (a small island near West Seattle. It’s nicknamed ‘The Hippie Island’ but I love it). But after one trimester, my host mom said she couldn’t continue to host me, so basically I had to go back home to Jakarta (it’s a long and very depressing story, which I’m not gonna get into here).

Back home, I finished high school through the 'Paket C’ program so that I can go back to the US and continue on to college. After the long and also depressing journey (again, not going to get into it here), I have graduated high school and ready for college! I’m planning to go to Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington. Student orientation begins next Monday, November 21st and I can register for classes afterwards!

SOOO at the moment I am just chilling, enjoying the cold and sometimes depressing Washington weather lol. Within these two weeks, I’m hoping to get settled, manage to find an awesome dance studio, and work on my college application!!! oh and this translation work I have neglected to do -__-

I am excited though!!! I have a lot of plans for next month! A lot of project ideas I’m working on right now that I’ll hopefully be able to develop into something and share here! Hint: I have some writings, dance projects, etc. Fingers crossed, I’ll finish 'em soon!

Well enjoy your day people, wish me luck! :-)