Why not now?

the skies have been grey

sun rays have shone

but they always lost anyway

Where’s the firework?

where’s the ice cream sundae with multicolored sprinkles?

I’m ready for a burst of sunlight

I’m ready to close my umbrella, take off my raincoat, put on my sunglasses

“this feeling calls for everything that I am not”

What do I do with this?

This seemingly everlasting shade

I’m ready for a waterfall of laughters

a lightness of being that stretches my lips from ear to ear

I’m ready                                   I’m ready                                  I’m ready

to leap to a field of turnips

to fall helplessly into a breathtaking sight

maybe I just haven’t found my stray Italian greyhound yet.

But it’s coming

                                                                     I believe.

Copyright © Imana Gunawan

This is a response to Vienna Teng’s ‘Stray Italian Greyhound’