Writer’s block sucks ass, dude. It’s like you had this pile of ideas in your head. You write them down, put it on paper, and let them flow through your fingers and on to a wonderful, carefully written, handwriting - or even to a carefully-chosen font if you’re using a computer. You let your imagination run wild, free, and full of spirit when suddenly, BAM! You hit a wall. A hard, raw, brick wall just blocking your way, leaving your imagination still and bruised. The constant, smooth flow of ideas that’s pouring satisfyingly onto paper stops, leaving the writings to end abruptly. It may continue, for better or for worse, or it may not. Well, folks, this is what is happening to me right now. My imagination is running wildly and freely across a wide open field with scattered flowers when suddenly, my imagination hit a wall, a steel wall. It stopped running, so I will stop writing. Goodbye.